Buy The Enchanting Island of Fälön, Östhammar, Sweden $213,928

You can buy the island of Fälön in Östhammar, Sweden. Situated in the Singö archipelago – in front of @visit_aland – this 0.45-acre island is the best possible way to unplug from the busy city life. It’s a dream flex that would give you bragging rights for life. Let your enchanting surroundings create the peace you need to create, read, write, fish, swim, nap or enjoy the sauna. Tie your boat to your own pier after a trip inland to the charming fishing town of #Grisslehamn, magical @destination_uppsala or a long hike in the forests.

The realtor’s description about Fälön, Östhammar, Sweden

Welcome to beautiful Singö. The archipelago here is the most beautiful imaginable in combination with the open sea towards Åland. The nearest town is the charming Grisslehamn. At Singö, at Singö church, there is a shop that is representative of Systembolag and Apotek. Shops and restaurants are also located in Grisslehamn and here you can buy fresh and smoked fish down in the charming fishing port. If you are looking for an excursion, the Åland Ferry leaves from here.

The property, which consists of its own island, is located on Singö’s northwest side near the Björkgrundet. The island is reached after a short boat ride from the bridge site on the mainland side at Ellan Dalviken. There is also parking for the car. Leave the mainland behind you and feel the stress drain off on the way out to Fälön. On arrival at the island, you add to your own jetty. Once in place, the magnificent view takes over. Here you go to be at peace, create, read, write or just lie still.

The standard of the island is simple; no electricity, no water and no sewage. A stove and refrigerator are running on gasol today and there are also gasoline-powered cinderella toilets to install if desired. Solar cells would also be a good complement. The house is in great need of renovation, but is sufficient for overnight and cooking. A small storage room with outdoor deck is on one side of the island and on the other is the sauna with its own jetty. However, both the heater and the fireplace in the house need to be reviewed.

The plot consists of its own island and the land area amounts to 1,840 m² and its own water area is 5270 m². The plot is easy to care for and consists of beautiful cupboards, smaller trees and small meadows.

The house is probably built in the early 70’s and the sauna was built in 1996.

Fälön, Östhammar, Sweden
Fälön, Östhammar, Sweden
Private Pier
House Detail
Aerial View Of The Island
Front View Of The House
Dining Area
Dining Area 2
Decoration Detail
Living Room 1
Living Room 2
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Side View Of The House
Storage House
Sauna 2
Sauna 3
Nature On The Island
View of The House + Sauna
Pier 2
Aerial View Of The Island
Aerial View Of The Island 2

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Address: Fälön, Östhammar, Sweden

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